We are proposing 11 new homes for older people (+55s)

What is proposed?

We are proposing to build 11 bespoke homes for older people (+55s).

The proposals have been prepared and designed with active retirement in mind and benefit from a communal managed garden with services for maintenance of private gardens and periodic maintenance of facades and other common areas. The homes will predominantly be 2 bedroomed and, internally, they are designed with adaptability in mind, from level thresholds through to in-built spaces and re-enforcements should features such as lifts become necessary in later retirement.

Investment into affordable housing and community infrastructure

The proposal will include a commitment to pay an affordable housing contribution to be used to invest into new affordable housing in the village of Wedmore, as well as a commitment to pay circa £131,000 towards community infrastructure, a proportion of which is for the direct benefit of the Parish.


From discussions with the Parish Council, it is clear that design is taken very seriously. Close attention has been paid to the Wedmore Village Design Statement that was supported by the Parish Council and prepared in consultation with local residents. The scheme consists mostly of two storey dwellings with the exception of plot 9 which is single storey. The vernacular scale of the village centre is that of two storey buildings and therefore, the proposal is considered to be fitting for the context of the site.

There is a variety of scale ranging from “coach house” style of plot 9 to “house” style of plots 1, 2, 4, 7, 8 and the larger houses of plots 3, 10 and 11. Great care and attention has been paid to bulk and massing of the proposed homes in order to be 'of Wedmore' in terms of use of materials, plot depths, roof shapes and the arrangement of facades. The images below show the visual cues taken from around the village and how these have influenced the detailed design of the proposals.

The scheme is eclectic in its style deliberately, which is the experience one gets when walking through the existing village.

A hierarchy of building has been created with a range of styles, scales, material and detailing. There is a significant amount of natural stone proposed, houses have chimneys and a variety of window styles.

One of the features of Wedmore is a predominance of natural stone boundary walls. The scheme acknowledges this by providing some low front garden boundary stone walls. The boundary treatments are extremely important and ensure that the dwellings are enclosed into the landscape that is being created around them.

Access and movement

It is proposed that the scheme will be served by a private road off Cheddar Road, the suitability of which has been agreed by Somerset County Council as Highways Authority. An access serving an existing cottage will be closed at the same time as the new entrance is formed.

The scheme will be accessed by foot from an existing pavement into the village via a new proposed footpath within the site that will be available to residents and the public, providing a convenience and safe walking route to the nearby village centre.

The plans include a 'turning head' for refuse and emergency vehicles to safely enter and exit the site, in line with Somerset County Council highway standards.

All homes will be served by at least one garage and at least one additional parking space in front of each garage. Visitor parking is also provided to ensure that the development does not place any parking pressures on surrounding streets. The homes will be for older people (+55s) with the majority of purchasers anticipated to be in their 60s and 70s. A consequence of this is that traffic movements in and out of Blue Cedar homes sites are typically 50-70% less than standard open market homes. This is particularly likely for this site, which is only 150m from the main village centre, hence most trips are likely to be by foot rather than car.

Key drawings and images

Proposed masterplan for the site

The plans in the context of the village landscape

A house on Pilcorn Street, Wedmore and the proposed design for Plot 1

A house on Pilcorn Street, Wedmore and the proposed design for Plot 3

A house on Church Street, Wedmore and the proposed design for Plot 4

A house on Church Street, Wedmore and the proposed design for Plot 10

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